"We do not remember days... We Remember  "Captured Moments "

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Meet Sharon.. Your Photographer ... 

I am a single mom of an 20 year old girl name Taryn. I have raised her on my own since she was 2.  She graduated from my Alma Mater of GBHS in June of 2016. She is currently working full time. I am so proud of her.

My name is Sharon and I am a lifelong resident of Chesapeake, Virginia and live in the heart of Great Bridge.  FIRST and Foremost I AM A CHRISTIAN.   There are few things that I am passionate about in life. My Faith in Jesus Christ, my daughter Taryn, my love of learning, meeting new people, and a love affair and passion I have had with photography ever since I was old enough to hold a camera.  All of my life and throughout my teenage years, one could find me with a camera in tow; even in church. Much like today, I take it just about EVERYWHERE. 

I learned a LONG time ago, that life is way too short. In June of 1984, my brother died at the hands of a drunk driver. I realized a long time ago that life is too short and you need to Capture Moments that will last a lifetime. That is what I have been doing, and will continue to as long as GOD allows me to do so.   

I am not your typical Virginia native. Most people like the beach, Not me.   Put me in a pair of jeans, cowboy boots, a T-shirt and put me on a horse in a meadow and I am in my element. Just a country girl..  The simpler the life the Better.

I am a full time student at Liberty University where I am currently a Senior and will be graduating soon.  I am working on my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Psychology, I hope to work in the field of Probation and Parole or Substance Abuse/Christian Counseling or possibly work with a forensic unit of the police department as a Forensics photographer.  I am a member of the PPA- Professional Photographers of America.

My Daughter Taryn  --------->

Experience & My Passion

  I have been taking photos since I was old enough to hold a camera. I have a PASSION  When it comes to photography- I have been told by several people that I have a GREAT eye and that I am a natural behind the camera. I absolutely LOVE to Capture Moments in people’s lives, and see my work and finished product.

  I am a self-taught photographer. I am constantly learning new things all the time so that I may be of better service to my clients and through my studies at Liberty University, I have been able to take several photography classes where I have been able to improve my skills and what I have already learned and apply them to my business. 

 My passion is with and I specialize in working with high school seniors. Mainly because of the fact that I have a daughter around the same age. She graduated from my alma mater of GBHS in June of 2016.  She is now in her first year of college studying Nursing.

 My style is country, plain and simple. My favorite times of the year are late Spring and Early Fall months of the South.  I LOVE capturing Seniors, and families, maternity and weddings outdoors. I also enjoy photographing pageants and all types of photography year-round such as Bridal Portraits, Cheering competitions, Children, Couples, Engagement, Events, and birthday parties.

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 I am extremely Grateful to GOD for giving me the skills to Capture Moments and Thankful for the support of Family and friends. I feel genuinely blessed and loved to be able to share this with the ones that are in my life.   GOD has given me this ability and skills. My passion is for my clients and life itself, and it shows In my work and work ethic