The Process

         A). CONTACT ME

        Using the, or email me at  specify that you are interested in more information about any of my sessions.   ****IF you are scheduling a Senior Session please include your graduating year, and approximately what season/seasons you have in mind.   

 I usually respond within 12-24 hours with either a phone call or an email. 

 ****If you would like to meet me before making any decisions; that is Not a problem.  Simply request a consultation and I can list some dates I have open.

     B). BOOKING

     WHAT TO DO:

     1) Choose a session that works best and fits your budget and time.

     2) Check your schedule, get at least two dates that work best for you and your parents. If it happens to rain; I will schedule the next available date.

     3) This is the time you pay your Session Fee. The session fee will hold a spot and date/time for your session on my calendar. Your session fee is required when you schedule your appointment.     ***(Please keep in mind there is a 3% convenience fee for Credit Cards). 

     4) Sharon will then send you an appointment letter and you will receive a FAQ sheet and a list of Favorite Places to Shoot, or if you have someplace in mind let her know. 

     5) A week before your session, get EVERYTHING TOGETHER – make a list of anything you need to purchase.

    6) Make sure you have EVERYTHING packed 2 nights before your Photoshoot.

    7) The night before Shoot, Make sure you have an everything-double check. Go to bed early enough to get your rest.

    8) The morning of your shoot be sure to get a nice hot shower, make sure you have everything. Make sure hair and make-up are done.

    9) Pack a bottle of water or a snack to bring with you just in case you get hungry

   10) Show up for your session 15 minutes before your scheduled session


 To Use the “Schedule Sessions Here” (Self-scheduling). 

Once you click on the “You can Schedule Sessions Here by clicking on the button below:”

SERVICE: It will take you to a page where you can select the type of session you would like. (Ex: Couples/Engagement session)

DATE & TIME Select the session you would like and it will open up a window to choose a date and time.

CONTACT INFO It will take you to a contact form where you will fill in your information. Read over the contract and agree with the Terms of Service.

CONFIRMATION Hit the BOOK button. My website will notify me I have a Booked session.

I will send you an invoice for the amount of the session. Please be advised there is a 3% convenience fee for all credit cards used for sessions.

ONCE the invoice Is paid, you are considered booked.

I will send you an email or contact you by phone notifying you of this and follow up with you to plan your session.